11th Annual Capital Link Sustainability Forum


Capital Link is pleased to invite you to:

The "11th  Annual Capital Link Sustainability Forum" entitled “Tackling Social & Economic Transformation/ Sustainable Growth: Environment – Economy – Society” that will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, April 21 & 22, 2021, in digital form, under the Auspices of Attica Region, the City of Athens and the Municipality of Piraeus, with the support of the Consulate General of Greece in New York.

With the covid reality as a preamble and having left behind an admittedly challenging year for the global community and the economy, we are ready to face the new landscape with a renewed sense of optimism and certainty. This new perspective is created by the accelerated digital transformation and the transition to the digital economy, and is predicated on the assessment that these conditions will strengthen the global economic activity and allow for a return to growth.



The two-day “11th Annual Capital Link Sustainability Forum” this year is entitled: “Tackling Social & Economic Transformation/ Sustainable Growth: Environment – Economy – Society”.

The new decade highlights the challenge we are all faced with: the contribution of each sector to the healthy growth of the Greek economy, while acting exemplary in terms of social and environmental behaviour.

The use of EUR 70 billion funds that Greece will receive from the Recovery and Resilience Facility in the form of subsidies and low-interest loans, in key sectors such as renewable energy, tourism, transport and the agri-food sector, is a decisive step towards the consolidated transition of the economic system towards sustainable growth model, with the banking sector playing a key role in effectively tackling climate change and adopting  a new growth model.


Minister of Development & Investments

Minister of Environment & Energy

Minister of Infrastructure & Transport

Minister of Rural Development & Food

Alternate Minister of Finance

Deputy Minister of Finance responsible for the Financial System

Deputy Minister of Development & Investments

Deputy Minister of Education and Religious Affairs for Primary, Secondary & Special Education

Governor, Bank of Greece

President of the European Committee of the Regions President of the Association of Greek Regions Governor of the Region of Central Macedonia

President of Central Union of Greek Municipalities (KEDE), Mayor of Trikala

Regional Governor - Attica Region; Vice President and Head of the Greek Delegation - European Committee of the Regions; President - Athens Medical Association

Mayor of Athens

Vice Governor of Development and Environment Region of Central Macedonia

Vice Mayor of Programming & Development, Municipality of Piraeus


Over two days and with the participation of Government officials as well as top market executives and representatives of the academic community, the Capital Link Sustainability Forum will examine how each sector contributes to this transformation in the best way to benefit the Greek Economy and Society.


• Bank of Greece • Alpha Bank • Eurobank • National Bank of Greece • Optima bank • Piraeus Bank


ActionIQ • AKL Law Firm • Athens University of Economics & Business • Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) • Athens Water Supply & Sewage Company • BERNITSAS LAW FIRM • British American Tobacco Hellas • Cosmos Aluminium • COSMOTE • Deloitte Greece • Dimand S.A. • Eldorado Gold • Elikonos Capital Partners • Envolve Entrepreneurship • EVYP LLP, Crop Biostimulation Technologies • EY • Friesland Campina • GEK TERNA Group of Companies • HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. • ICAP S.A. • IMERYS GREECE S.A.; IMERYS BAUXITES GREECE S.A. • Independent Power Transmission Operator • Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm • Lambadarios Law Firm • LIBRA GROUP • McKinsey & Company Greece & Cyprus • Masouros & Partners Attorneys • MIT Media Lab • Noval Property • Novartis Hellas • Premia Properties • Prodea Investments • PwC Greece • Public Power Corporation S.A. • Quest Holdings S.A. • RAVENNA S.A. • Saplegal - A.S. Papadimitriou & Partners • Stevens Institute of Technology • TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas • Upstream • Watson Farley & Williams • Wise Greece • 5G Ventures S.A., Phaistos Fund


Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

  • Focusing on a new Sustainable Growth Model for Greece & for Europe
  • The Role of Banks in Restarting the Economy & Sustainable Growth
  • ESG Criteria & Bank Financing
  • Investing in Infrastructure: Setting the Foundation for a Sustainable Economy & Growth
  • New Technologies & Contribution to Growth
  • Energy – A Pillar for Economic & Social Growth
  • Green Economy – Investments & Growth; The Challenge of Utilizing the Funds of the European Recovery Fund
  • Investments with Social & Economic Impact

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021


  • Creating Tomorrow’s Business Champions
  • Agricultural Growth & Exports: Pillars of a Prosperous Economy
  • Reshaping the City of Athens & Piraeus: Creating A New Quality of Life
  • Growth Starts from Regional Development
  • Investing in Logistics, Malls & Social Infrastructures
  • Creating a New Generation of Entrepreneurs, Responsible Investments & Sustainable Economy
  • Education: The Key to Economic and Social Sustainability
  • Resurgence of Foreign Investor Interest in Greece
  • Sustainable Economy & Businesses


Capital Link Sustainability Forum taking place for the 11th consecutive year, its main focus being Sustainability - Corporate Social Responsibility, has managed to explore successfully the transition from Corporate Social Responsibility to Sustainability in Greece. The Forum has showcased the active turnaround and concentration on Sustainability shown by Greek enterprises: their alternative operational methods at all stages of production that reduce their environmental footprint, the transparency in corporate governance and the  humanitarian sensitivity orientation, especially during the current period of economic distress that impose a further burden on companies and the welfare of Greek families.

For more information, please contact:
Ms Olga Bornozi :  obornozi(@)capitallink.com, Ms Victoria Tsoukala: marketing(@)capitallink.com,
Ms Athena Kosmadaki:  athensoffice(@)capitallink.com or Tel: (+30) 210 610.9800

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