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Forvis Mazars: Partnering for a strong global network and redefining the industry

Mazars and FORVIS, a leading US public accounting firm, are forming a new network and now operate under a shared global brand, Forvis Mazars, with just two members: Forvis Mazars, LLP in the United States and Forvis Mazars Group SC, an internationally integrated partnership operating in over 100 countries and territories.

This is an exciting next step in Mazars’ ongoing growth journey, that enhances its capacity and capability in the United States and propels it  into the top 10 global brands in the accounting industry. Both members share a commitment to providing an unmatched client experience, delivering audit and assurance, tax, advisory and consulting services across the globe.

Konstantinos Makris, Managing Partner of Forvis Mazars in Greece stated: “The new network of Forvis Mazars is an exciting step in the course of continuous development of our company both locally and internationally and further strengthens our capabilities in the United States of America, ranking us among the top 10 audit, advisory and tax services organizations worldwide.

Our customers in Greece will continue to receive the same high quality of service from our experienced executives who are distinguished for their know-how and whose number in Greece has increased in recent years by 40%.

But most importantly, we can serve our customers even better, supporting them every step of the way and planning their growth while ensuring an unparalleled customer experience that is flexible, personal and tailored to their real needs.”







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