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HELLENiQ ENERGY Holdings S.A. announces the composition of its new Board of Directors

On 27 June 2024, HELLENiQ ENERGY Holdings S.A. announced following:

  1.  the appointment of three (3) directors to the Company’s new Board of Directors by the Hellenic Republic through a letter dated 19 June 2024 duly signed by the Ministers of Economy & Finance and of Environment & Energy, according to Article 20 para. 2 (a) of the Company's Articles of Association, and
  2.   the election of eight (8) members of the new Board of Directors by the Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of the Company which convened on 27 June 2024,

that the new eleven-member (11) Board of Directors, was constituted as a body as follows:

  • Spilios Livanos, Chair, non-executive member
  • Andreas Shiamishis, Chief Executive Officer- executive member
  • Georgios Alexopoulos, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, executive member
  • Iordanis Aivazis, senior independent member, independent non-executive member
  • Theodoros-Achilleas Vardas, non-executive member
  • Nikolaos Vrettos, independent non-executive member
  • Panagiotis Tridimas, independent non-executive member
  • Stavroula Kampoyridou, independent non-executive member
  • Constantinos Mitropoulos, independent non-executive member
  • Anna Rokofyllou, non-executive member
  • Alkiviades- Constantinos Psarras, non-executive member
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