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FARIA Renewables among the successful companies of the 2nd auction in Greece, for standalone batteries, with a 49,9 MW BESS project electrified within 2025.

Press Release

Thessaloniki, 15th of February 2024

FARIA Renewables, faithful to its strategic planning and goals for the development of its portfolio, through BAT SOLAR, a company 100% of its interests, successfully succeeded in, based on its bid, the 2nd tender for standalone batteries. The BESS project has a maximum power of 49.9MW, a guaranteed capacity of 100MWh and it will be electrified up to 31.12.2025. FARIA Renewables has integrated energy storage as a key pillar of its strategy, being aware that it is an important parameter for achieving the energy transition and the efficient penetration of RES projects into the grid. FARIA Renewables currently has a portfolio of projects under development that exceeds 2,500MW, in various stages of maturity. In addition, it is in search of mature projects or portfolios of Renewable Energy projects, Wind and Photovoltaic ones, with grid connection terms or close to receive grid connection terms, with a view to their acquisition and development. Finally, targeting to the future, it studies and assess smart, innovative applications and solutions that will improve the management of its portfolio, and at the same time, will further strengthen the sustainability of Renewable Energy projects combined with the sustainable development of local societies.

Contact Marianthi Giarmantzidou +30 2314 437715 Nena Polychronidou + 30 2314 43771

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